Alexa in our House?

Personally I love Alexa - I ask her what the forecast is, what temperature it is, to set the temperature in rooms, and to turn off and on lights! It works great for lights that are in the corners of the room behind the chairs and impossible to reach.  The Alexa has a...

Lumi Drone

One of the items we decided our youngest would love to try was the Lumi drone!  It's by Wowee, a great kid friendly, easy to use company. We gave it a try and right after charging it was simple to fly.  We actually have only flown it in the house even.  The only thing...

Cozmo the robot!

The robot Cozmo showed up for Christmas at our house!  Cozmo is set up to learn as you play with him.  I did find that I have to hook my phone to the Cozmo wireless network each time we want to play with Cozmo - which is not the easiest and not really something my...

Robots for Christmas

There are a million types of robots available for the holidays!  My son has decided robots are fun!   Last year we got the Meccanoid robot.  It took us two days to put it together.  - Ours is the one that is the same size as my eight year old.  Now there are a lot of...

Lowe’s Build and Grow

There are tons of great activities you can find and sign up for online.  One that is free is Lowe's Build and Grow!  It's usually held the first Saturday of each month and is free! We decided to give it a try this month and got to make Christmas Ornaments.  My little...

Let’s Build a Gingerbread House….

This year we decided to get a gingerbread house...  for Halloween.  We just now finally got around to making it.  Our included green icing - which wasn't especially soft anymore, candy corn, and Scooby doo!  Most kits include the icing, gingerbread, and some candy and...

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I am a SAHM/WAHM of three boys ranging in age from 8 to 23. We are working on saving enough for college at the same time as taking care of the kids at home. I author a few blogs, including I have in the past taught computer information technology classes for the local university and taught workshops for kid's in technology education besides being the Kentucky State FIRST LEGO League Championship Coordinator from 2005 to 2008. I now work as a computer consultant, run a handmade home business, and am available for workshops. Life here is always an adventure!

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