If you are on facebook using it for many purposes you probably already know about all the different ways you can use facebook… but if you just have your newsfeed and friends and drop by once in a while you may not realize all the great tools out there for parents. Kids are slowly swapping off of facebook and it is turning into a meeting place for adults. It is also a GREAT resource!

– I’ll post a tutorial to each of these later.

I belong to groups for homeschool, autism, free books, yardsales, tech help, and so much more. I think I now have enough free kindle books that I couldn’t read them all in my lifetime. Each group is a small community of varying sizes that has an administrator and it’s own set of rules.

Pages are also available to find out more information about your favorite brands, people, or even locations. Pages allow you to interact with the owner but not with all the followers.

Events are tied to the calendar and let you interact with everyone attending a particular activity. Public events can be shared and attendees can invite their friends – events can even take place virtually on facebook under the events.

Facebook also lets you play games, share messages (including group messages), and of course your usual newsfeed with friends.

Facebook has become a meetup place that is used for everything from reunions to business. Friends are made and lost on facebook and it’s especially interesting the level of privacy that is assumed by everyone using facebook. For me it’s my go to location if I want to let a lot of my friends know about something quickly. It’s so much easier than trying to call or email they all!