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Do you Twitter? Post on Facebook? Blog? Even if you don’t use these social networking tools, you should be familiar with how they’re set up and how they work in order to stay current with technology. After all, your kids will have more exposure to technology than you–and know more than you. But that doesn’t mean you can’t know how to use it too.

It’s important to educate yourself and keep up-to-date on the latest social networking trends. Peoples opinions about the sites are frequently colored by what they have heard – and a few bad stories spread a lot faster than any of the good stories. (Like the mother that found a transplant for her child using facebook)

Before making rules, you should experience the different sites; see what it’s like to set up an account, the different privacy offerings there are, and how easy/difficult it is for others to view your profile. Not only can you set the rules after, but you will have a better idea how to enforce them and can keep an eye on what your kids are doing. (One rule might be that they must accept your friend request).

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Visual Social Networking 

Social Networking Computer Security

Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, and more. Social Network sites are all ways to interact digitally with people from all over the world. 

Cloning Accounts refers to people making a copy of your account and pretending to be you to gain the trust of your friends.  Question sharing posts are looking to gain information that applies to security questions.  There are so many risks but benefits abound also. 

Turning on SSL in Facebook and Twitter

If you haven't turned on SSL in Facebook and Twitter and you use any network outside your home, check out Firesheep.   Turning on SSL is the best protection for this type of hacker attempt.... Turning on SSL will make both Facebook and  Twitter  just a bit more...

Social Networking -“How To” to Privacy

Limit who can find You Under - Account select Privacy Setting.  There is then an option for who can contact you, who can see you and so on.  Choices include: Friends, Friends of Friends or Everyone.  (You can also Disable Public Searches in Apps and Websites if you...

Navigating Social Networks (Parents and Kids)

Kids can learn so much online!  It's amazing the information available at the search of google.  Here are some guidelines though for navigating social networks. 1. Remember there is a world outside the computer.  Anyone seen the new Facebook commercial.  My favorite...

Blog Posts


Facebook is really becoming a site for adults as much or more so than kids.  It serves as a place to post what is going on with your day, interact with friends, get advice from your friends and family, share what's up with your day and interact.  You have a main news...

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10 Facebook Groups for Science

Tech Ed has a Facebook Page, where we can share information with everyone, but many organizations also have facebook groups to interact. Groups allow people to ask questions, get answers, search, and interact. In groups you can meet people that are having similar...

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Limiting Camera Usage (IPhone) – Protecting your Child

Limiting Camera Usage (IPhone) – Protecting your Child

    On your iPhone - or your child's device, there are a lot of settings you can change and options to limit apps! As kids get older or even with my youngest using features like in-app purchases (and who hasn't accidently hit a link once in a while and had to...

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