Tech Ed has a Facebook Page, where we can share information with everyone, but many organizations also have facebook groups to interact. Groups allow people to ask questions, get answers, search, and interact. In groups you can meet people that are having similar issues, the same interests, or even just want to talk and interact on the same subjects as you as well as find answers to questions. Facebook groups frequently can be a quick way to get an answer to a question. I don’t belong to all of the groups below (I do belong to some of them), but there are a huge number of groups available on every topic. I’ve seen questions on everything from drones to chemical reactions. Some of the groups veer off and discuss topics such as science in the schools, myths that are being spread (see the recent flat Earth statements), and even discussions on why people home school.

Facebook Groups:

1.Science Snippets
A place to learn about science, physics, biology, chemistry and more in an easily digestible form.

Members are welcome to post science-related posts but if a post is found to be scientifically questionable it may be removed by a mod.

2.Homeschool Lapbooks
This is a group focused on Lapbooking! We will learn, chat, and share about lapbooking ideas. This group is owned and operated by Cyndi Kinney from Knowledge Box Central. While we welcome information about lapbooks we ask that you not advertise on our page. If there is a product you carry that meets the needs of someone posting in our group, please feel free to share it with them.

3.Parents Who Science:
Welcome to Parents Who Science, an evidence-based group for discussion of all matters relating to being a parent.

4.Homeschool Curriculum Marketplace

5. Secular Homeschool Families

6.Homeschooling with Netflix

There is nothing easier than sitting the kids in front of Netflix to get a break for a few minutes to take a shower or fix dinner. It turns out you can watch educational shows there too!

7.Virtual Homeschool Group
Tips for homeschooling, including information to help answer questions on math and science that are over our heads.

8.Secular Homeschool Curiculum
This includes things for sale, but it also includes tips. I just noticed parents suggesting to other parents to make your own labels for the bones of a skeleton to learn the parts of the body (bones wise).

9.These two have really cool 3D Printer projects! Make your own keychain, phone case, or even a replacement door bell button (yep, that’s what I did!)
3D Printer

3D Printer DIY

10. Everything is Science
We discuss only science here. But everything is science, yay!

There are also lots of great groups on every subject you can imagine! robots, 3d printers, drones, math and more!