If you are looking for a community of like minded people, advice, a place to sell things, a place to buy things, or so much more – facebook groups has the place for you!

Some of my favorite groups include:
1. A local coupon group
2. A free speech group ( secret group)
3. A boutique sellers advice group
4. A genealogy group
5. A group for parents of kid’s with autism
6. A blogging group
7. A free books group

And there are SO many more!

There are three types of groups: Open, Closed, and Secret. Open can be found and joined by anyone – and anything you post in them is open for anyone to see. Closed can be found and joined by anyone, but anything you post can only be seen by the members. Secret can’t be found and are only able to be joined by invite by a current member. Anything posted in a secret group stays in the group unless shared by a member of the group.

Anyone can create their own group too. While your group is small you can change the type of group around (and the name), but once your group gets bigger you are limited. You can only make the group more restrictive.

When joining a group, most groups require you to ‘request’ to join and be approved by the admin. The admins try to cut down on spam this way within the groups. Members can also be blocked and banned if rules are broken to ‘protect’ the group.

Groups though allow members to have a more personal conversation. Some groups are even made up of members that already know each other (my son’s school has a group of parents for the PTA). Questions can be posted in the groups and answers come up quickly.

There are groups for just about anything you can imagine, everything from homeschooling to helping a family that lost everything in a fire.

On the side of the screen – you get a list of other groups that migroup2ght be of interest to you.  They usually are in the same interest area as the group you are currently looking at.  I was in a homeschool group at the time of taking the screenshot (The Homeschool for misfits) and got these suggestions….  If you then want to join a group you can click the group name to find out more or just click join to request to be approved for the group.  None of these are secret groups since secret groups require an invite from a current member.

I belong to several groups, but this isn’t one of them.  I can request to join if I would like to pargroup1participate.   I do belong to several groups and most don’t allow screen shots from the groups so that the information is kept confidential.