Today we are going to move on to creating the object to go with our sprites (graphics).  The object will later be associated with actions.  (Like  making the ball start moving.

Objects are one of the choices on the left. If you have saved last time and are coming back you will need to reload our file from Part 2.

We will now right click on Objects and choose Create Object.

We will need to create four objects:

  1. ObjBall
  2. ObjBat
  3. ObjWall
  4. ObjBarrier

To stick with naming conventions we are naming each object with a name that starts with Obj.

After entering a name we need to associate a Sprite with the Object. So for the objBat object we will choose the sprBat sprite to go with.


After the sprite is associated you will see the name and graphic…..

We also want these objects to all be solid objects so that they will not pass through each other.  (Ball won’t pass through the Bat and so on….) So choose the Solid checkbox.


Once the name, sprite, and Solid are taken care of Choose OK.


and go on to create the additional three objects:

After all four objects are created you will see the above Objects in your directory.  Now save your projects for tomorrow when we will go on to create the Room and add our objects to the room.