Facebook is really becoming a site for adults as much or more so than kids.  It serves as a place to post what is going on with your day, interact with friends, get advice from your friends and family, share what’s up with your day and interact.  You have a main news feed that lets you see what is going on with everyone, groups that let you interact, and pages that let you see what businesses and groups have posted.

Within your news feed you see things your friends have let you see.  You can set any post you would like to share to a privacy allowing them to be seen by yourself only, friends, friends except acquaintances, or a custom list.    Users can also set the privacy for their friends list and several other parts of their account.  My suggestion is to set your friends list to be viewed either by friends only or to private (only me).  Accounts are being cloned daily and the accounts then use public friends lists to get access to everyone you know.

Groups have three types: secret, closed, or open.

  • Open allow everyone to see everything posted.  Personally i stay away from open groups most of the time.
  • Closed allow people to see that the group exists, but not what’s posted unless they join.
  • Secret means a member has to be added by a current member.

Pages also have types, but are usually associated with a business or an organization.

I belong to several groups, groups for moms, groups for crafts, groups for buying at a discount, and more.  Some groups have rules that allow everyone to speak freely and others ask that people follow certain rules.  Some have the group posts set to be moderating – waiting to be approved until they are checked out by a moderator.

The group sanctimommies is completely based on the premise of moms posting information about their kids and life and other moms telling them what they are doing wrong.  Other groups are there to make other moms feel better!  I belong to a group that has a drawing every three months shuffling names and then each mom trades off gifts twice a month.  The swap is anonymous, with a big reveal at the end of each quarter.