Limit who can find You
Under – Account select Privacy Setting.  There is then an option for who can contact you, who can see you and so on.  Choices include: Friends, Friends of Friends or Everyone.  (You can also Disable Public Searches in Apps and Websites if you don’t want to be found in Google on Facebook)
– You can also block people you don’t want to find you. That can come in very handy. When posting you can also now choose who can see or not see a given post, picture, or activity.  Don’t forget to change the setting under Apps and Websites in settings to not allow info to be accessible through your friends.

Remember to:
1.Turn down friend requests from strangers – just because the person is friends with one of your friends doesn’t mean they know them.  Some people will approve anyone, or may have approved by mistake….
2. Choose a good password (in other words don’t use your dog’s name, your name, your best friend’s name, or even anything easily tied to you) It’s best to use a combination of letter and numbers, upper and lower case.  Even use substitution, like a 0 for an O or a 1 (one) for an l (letter L).
3. Don’t post when you will be out of town
4. Don’t post where you are (I usually don’t have an issue with posting where I’ve been)
5. Become a fan of Facebook Safety  ….  – they’ll let you know about new site changes to policy.
6. Don’t link posts to Twitter unless you want them all to be public.
7. Be careful installing Apps, Games, and Quizzes…. and be very careful of short URLs and other links that can result in viruses.
8. Be careful sharing photos and other info about your kids unless you have your settings to friends-only access.  (Otherwise strangers can see the info too)