I love reading and my kids do too.  Buying books though can get expensive and if you have the hard copies as opposed to the ebooks they can take a lot of space – especially if like our family no books ever go away.  (It took a 17 foot moving truck to move my husbands books the last time we moved)  In our house we may as well start a library of our own.

Our kids though have started moving to ebooks. We have the Kindle, the Nook, iPads and Android Tablets all floating around.  Our library is one that allows ebooks to be checked out.  Some other sites include:

eBookFling – List your books and borrow other peoples.  You earn points for loaning books that you can use to borrow books. (You can pay for each rental if you don’t want to loan your books out)

Lendle – Same type of site as eBookFling.  Earn points by loaning your books then use the points to borrow from others.

There are also books available as pdf files that are free for download if you watch for offers.  I also buy what I can from Amazon each time a book is free.  Many times the books will be free for a limited time –  So I get them while they are available even if I know I can’t read them for a while. In some cases I get the free books to loan despite the fact that I don’t intend to read them myself….

(Don’t forget you don’t have to have an ereader to read the Kindle books.  Apps for the PC and Tablets are also available.