Math is one of the fundamentals of  education.  Without math as a basis most subjects in science can’t be taught.  Mentoring Minds website includes teaching strategies for not only math but also for teaching everything from Bullying to Internet Safety.  Strategies for teaching math includes card sets, flip charts, and even workbooks.   Mentoring Minds even includes curriculum for math vocabulary.  For many of us math is one of the subjects we dread teaching.  I noticed Mentoring Minds now includes tools for teaching Algebra.  These can be used for homeschooling or in a classroom environment.

– I also noticed resources for ADHD.


  • Offers ways to secure and maintain student attention
  • Identifies numerous instructional strategies for creating successful learning environments for learners with ADD/ADHD
  • Gives procedural ideas for classroom management

There is also a classroom combo pack:

The Classroom Management Combo Pack contains a Behavior Guide, an ADD/ADHD Wheel, a Bullying Guide, and an Cyber Bullying Guide. These products provide extensive direction for educators to establish a solid foundation for school success, to use strategies that reduce interruptions…