There is currently a new facebook app out to show you how horrible it can be if an app gets access to your page with evil intentions? Well, creator Jason Zada (who did the “Elf Yourself” campaign) is doing just that with his new interactive app called Take This Lollipop.

By allowing it to access your Facebook profile, the app creates a 2-minute video, starring YOU! … and a total psychopath, seemingly hell-bent on ruining your life.

Supposedly, your info is deleted as soon as you’re done, too. It scrolls through your News Feed, photos, and more to create a video and creates a hateful video with an app that promises someone else on my friend’s list will be NEXT.  Pretty Disturbing!!!!

Zada says:

Our privacy was dead a while back and will never be the same. Life as a whole has changed. If you look at the video, the scariest part is that your information is in the video. The piece is scary because a person is violating your privacy, not because it’s bloody or there’s anything jumping out.

Even if we think we’ve locked our privacy settings down, we should still be careful of what apps we give access to. View anything you put out as public, if it’s online it’s not really a secret.

Here’s more info.  I would share this with my older kids just so they have an idea of what they are sharing. It’s supposed to delete everything when you remove it after you give it a try.