First Grade Reading – I like Water

This book has great reviews (see some below) and it’s free.  If you have a student that is at reading age this app is definitely worth checking out! Homeschooling – teaching reading is one of things I know I dreaded.  Trying to make the connection to sound out the words.  We were lucky though our kids picked it up pretty easy starting with simple words around town – Things like Stop and McDonalds.  Apps like this help make that connection a little easier.


by KTeachmom

I am a kindergarten teacher and this app (and the others in the series) are amazing. I love the edit feature- I simplified the text for my beginning readers. They loved hearing my voice read to them and even better was the motivation to read and have their voice recorded. What a treat when we shared the story with parents with all the students reading a page. We also labeled the pictures so when they touch an item the word pops up for them to read. So many great teaching possibilities. As my students progress I may even have them help me write a new story to go with the beautiful photos. Love this app!!


Great for beginning readers

by kgrade

I use this series of books in my kindergarten classroom, and with my 3 year old daughter. I like the options for auto play or read by myself, and as a teacher appreciate the way the words are highlighted as they are read. You can also touch the word to have it highlighted and spoken if your child is reading it on their own.

I really like the gorgeous photographs too! My favorite aspect of grasshopper apps is their ability to customize… In this story I went through and added words and audio so when the kids touch an object on the screen it shows the word (umbrella) and I pronounce it. Wonderful for vocabulary development!

I’d love to have the option to add my own photos too… Maybe in a future update?



by Iljcmlas

Excellent! I enjoy all of the grasshopper apps. Each one is so well written and easy to use. The pictures are suitable for the individuals I teach who are older with disabilities. Skill and age appropriate.

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