I’ve recently started playing the app Words with Friends.  This app is basically a digital version of scrabble that you play with friends across the internet.  I’ve started playing against each of my kids.  I think it helps with spelling and vocabulary – though what I’ve found is that I end up guessing to make up words.  – Like the example in the picture, I can see “Go” as a word, we’ve all heard that one, but what about “Ae”.  Turns out it is chiefly scottish.  – the Hae is the same thing –  it’s another scottish variant.

One way to use this as a learning experience is to look up all these words that you don’t recognize.  It can be a great way to expand your vocabulary.

Words with Friends is put out by Zynga – the makers of Farmville and there are is also a version of Chess that can be played with friends.  You can play on your own timeframe and take as long as you want to respond, so it makes it easy for me. I play my kids and try to at least send one move a day.  I use it as a check in for keeping up with my kids also.  Many days it’s the only contact I have with my oldest.

There is a free ad based version and also a paid version.  I went ahead and upgraded to the paid version which is where I ran into some issues.  I had to have my account reset by the company in order to get the app to load.  Finding the information to get the reset wasn’t easy either.  I had to contact the company through there site which didn’t have a clear technical support contact method (email turned out the way to do it).

I would recommend giving it a try though. I also had my kids help me find words to play against friends.  They had a great time mulling over my selection of letters and I got some quality educational time with my kids.


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