Recently I found the website It looks like it contains a lot of materials, but I have to admit I had a tough time wandering around the site and it took me a while to find printables that didn’t require the subscription.  I did finally find them and once I knew where to look it made more sense.  (It was under “Free Sample Pages” on the front page)  The layout of the site made it a little difficult to find things also.  The membership is $20 for the ad-free membership (one user). I didn’t pay the money to try the subscription ad free service…. But from what I saw there is a lot of great material in printable sheets.

The site could be more user friendly, but if you are willing to search around you can find some great printable resources.  I’ve mentioned before I love to print them and then laminate. If you are a teacher or homeschooling this could be a great resource, and the $20/year subscription makes it not too high priced.  It works out to less than $2 per month.

What subscribers get:

  • You get access to all the content of the Enchanted Learning website — over 20,000 pages.
  • No banner ads! You get an ad-free version of the site plus extra printing capabilities (printer-friendly pages and the ability to enlarge images).
  • Site subscribers can access the members’ website from ANY Internet-connected computer using their logins.
  • Memberships last for a full year, beginning when you join and expiring on the same date in the following year.
  • Note: We do NOT do automatic renewals.

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