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It is SO easy to lose time in Pinterest!  I can spend hours wandering around. I think during our recent drive home from Connecticut (To Kentucky) I must have spent at least 3 of the hours looking around in Pinterest.  It’s hard to consider it only a waste of time though.  There is a whole section on education.  Just today (Oops there goes another hour) I found Early Childhood Printables, A really cool classroom project, Oliver the Owl Printables, and so much more!

Check out Pinterest Education for more and the really cool thing is that the links change every time you query Pinterest.  I have found everything from projects using mega blocks to work on spelling to craft projects with melted crayons.

I’ve linked several other peoples articles on Pinterest. It seems the underlying theme is addiction in the posts.  Is Pinterest the next big thing?  I’m not sure, but it is filled with great ideas and tutorials.


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