A few years ago Mayim Bialik and Kari Byron were on a Nerdy Girls forum at Comic Con.    For those who didn’t know already Mayim Bialik is actually a PhD in NeuroScience besides being Amy Farrah Fowler on The Big Bang Theory.  The two women were interviewed by CNN at the time:

A popular topic of discussion at this year’s Comic-Con has been how women relate to and are portrayed in the geek world. Panels titled, “Oh you sexy geek,” “No damsels in distress here” and “Girls gone genre” addressed many facets of geeky females, from fake fan girls to women who make their mark in the traditionally male-dominated genre world.

“Mythbusters'” Kari Byron, who has been called the “token girl” on the popular science-based experiment show, said it’s not the first time that’s happened at Comic-Con. In fact, the topic seems to get re-hashed every year, she said.
On Friday, Byron joined Mayim Bialik, who plays Amy Farrah Fowler on “The Big Bang Theory,” (she also starred as “Blossom” on the popular 1990s television show of the same name) on the CNN Express bus at San Diego Comic-Con to discuss what being a nerdy or geeky woman actually means.

Recently an article was released mentioning that Bialik and Rauch are paid less than the other costars on Big Bang Theory.  The thing about the article to me was that the women that was with the show from the beginning wasn’t facing the same pay discrimination, so in this case I am wondering if it is a case of the media attributing gender to a cause that isn’t in relation to what is really going on.  Yes the Bialik and Rauch deserve equal pay for equal work BUT the cause given was that they started the show later, setting their starting salary lower.

Many companies do this, I know my brother is facing the same thing right now.  He was hired in at a set salary and company policy says that he can only receive set raises each year – yet for him it’s new hires that are paid much higher. In the base of the BBT show, the actresses were hired as temps at a lower salary but then later became primary characters in the main plot.  As the show went on, their raises seem to have went from that lower starting salary.  Is that gender based?

Going to the schools science night at our local school, the attendance is a third of the arts night.  The school send out a few notices about arts night, but for math and science night it was simply the date on the calendar.  The nice thing was that we were able to find parking easily on math and science night…  art night parking fills up the overflow on the grass!