Guest post written by Derick Burks

Staying at home wasn’t something I had pictured for my life but when my second was born I had a really hard time going back to work. After a month with them both in daycare I up and quit and I’ve been at home with them ever since! I really haven’t looked back! I recently went to HOMESECURITY101.COM/ to get us an alarm because my husband’s hours are increasingly unpredictable and sometimes I’m here after dark with them which is not my favorite time. But I do love getting to teach them the values I think are important and it’s nice to never have to say goodbye to them while they’re this young! I don’t really miss working as much as I thought I would since my brain has totally switched to “mommy mode” and all I ever think about anymore is those babies. I even want to start talking to my husband about having another but I have a feeling he’s going to ask me if I lost my mind!