My son has a Yudu t-shirt printer and we are having a great time making t-shirts. He has made some really cool designs and I’m excited to wear a couple (and make my own) It’s pretty simple to use ours and wasn’t too expensive. I suspect you can make your own pretty easy (the machine) since it’s really a blower (can substitute a hair dryer) and a bright light (duh! light bulb) – But the one we have really simplifies it.

To make the t-shirt you have to put emulsion on a screen. To block paint from going through. Then dry it. Next step expose to light (covering any part where you will want paint on the t-shirt) – You can use a graphic printed on a transparency. Then you wash out the part of the exposure that wasn’t exposed. Now you are ready to paint. (you have to redo for each of the colors on the shirt doing every step over for each color)…. After you paint clean up and let your shirt dry.

Here’s a bundle:

Other things you can use:

There is lots more too. The printer itself is just 188 by itself and I didn’t mention that you can print multiple shirts before washing off the emulsion from the screen. We made our robotics team t-shirts for last years robotics tournament.

Here’s Kris’ design: Let us know if you would like one of the t-shirts. I think by the time we got done they averaged less than 10$ per shirt if you make several. (To just make one with one color would be about $15 I think.) + $8 extra for each color.

I LOVE it! He did a great job….