Maps can be a lot of fun!  Google Maps gives kids (and adults) the ability to make their own maps.

Kid’s can map their favorite locations, places they have been to or plan to go to or even locations for people they know.  Maps can then be shared with people they know.  – Imagine mapping your summer vacation with all the fun places you plan to visit.

To create your map just go to – Choose My Places on the left, then select Create Map.  You can then give it a Title and Description and set whether it’s shared or private.  If it’s a map of something like your home or schedule I’d make sure it’s private….  but if it’s a fun map like the two below then public is fine.

Kids can even get together and collaborate on a map with their friends.  – Maybe mapping something like favorite pizza places, parks to play at, or museums to visit (with reviews included)

Check out these fun maps:
Monster Sightings
Programming Languages

and let me know if you find any other great maps to check out.