Vintage Maps


*White Glue
*Balloon (12″-or larger diameter when blown up)
Strips of newspaper, packaging paper, or art paper cut into strips
*Maps of the 7 continents
*Markers or paint

1. Blow up the balloon to desired diameter. Tie a string around the knot (making sure it is secure), then hang the balloon.

2. Mix your own paper mache mix. Mix Glue – 2 parts to 1 part water. So for every 1 cup white glue use 1/2 cup water and mix it well.

3.  Put the glue mixture on the paper. – Dip it or paint it on.

4. Start wrapping the balloon like making a cast.

5. Hang the covered balloon in a place it won’t be disturbed Until the paper is hard and dry.

6. Cut the continents out (you can find great maps to print for free – /  /  /

7. Print continents on sticker paper (or use a cricut to cut them out)