I wanted to remind everyone about the set of books by Danica McKellar.  Ms. McKellar is probably the only person on prime-time tv that moonlights as a math tutor.  Check out her website at http://www.kissmymath.com/ – and the book by the same name.  She now has several books that provide math help for girls (and boys will like them too).  I remember one chapter is How to make a killing on Ebay.  Not only are they educational they are fun too. 

On the web site it mentions that Danica says: Cute and Smart is better than Cute and Dumb. I can highly recommend this book and the others in the series and wish they had been out when I was in school.  (Another of the books is “Math Doesn’t Suck”)  The websites also have solutions and plenty of extras. 

I’ve even heard rumors that some schools are using these books as textbooks.  Yeah! What a way to show that math can be fun!