Check out this new site: It has an article currently on 10 Things Kids Love to Do with Blocks. 

Wooden blocks have been a part of children’s playthings for a long time. The common standard today is the set of blocks with letters engraved on one side and painted with bright colors. Numbers and animal imprints usually fill the other sides. Kids love to play with these simple toys and can actually learn a lot from them.

It’s funny how something as simple as a box (or a set of blocks) can still keep kids occupied for for hours.

Also on the site are tips for everything from what age should you be to babysit to how much to charge (or pay). While wondering around I found the 10 Crazy things Kids Stick Up Their Nose.  I love that one too! I’ve been really lucky so far to not have to pick something out of a nose or ear, though we have had the occasional incident of hair being cut when no one was looking…  not to say we haven’t had to head to the emergency room for stitches resulting from things like falls, getting hit in the head with an oar on a field trip, and the reoccurring ear infections that won’t go away.

The only article I had a hard time with was kids leaving their cell phone at home while babysitting. My middle son has started sitting and in some cases the homes don’t have phones.  The parents take their cell phones with, so his cell is his only means of communication.  I would hate for him to be out babysitting with an emergency or even just a sick child and no way to reach the parent since he didn’t have a phone with.  He also has parents text him when they are headed home so that he can text us to come get him.

This site though is worth checking out whether you need a babysitter or have a child that is ready to babysit.