As I looked through my iPad I have a lot of apps that start with A.   I’m going to break them into a few at a time. Smile   Tonight I looked at:
A Story B4 Bed
Let’s you record reading your favorite stories to your kids. –  * Record books for free including Itsy Bitsy Spider and Baa Baa Black Sheep.  What a great idea – and it’s free.

Abby Words Free,  Abby Animal Games Free,  Abby Train Free
Several Abby apps are great for kids and they are free.   I have to add though that these apps start up with an advertising screen for their paid apps, so I’m removing them now.  They are good apps, but if you don’t start them up for your child you have to watch to prevent unwanted purchases of apps. (and some  of the paid apps are $4.99)

ABC Alphabet by Little Sorter
I also love all the apps by Little Sorter.  They are great for learning letters, spelling, and more.  ABC Alphabet is even free!  Check it out if you have a little one working on learning letters.