I just noticed the book Hamster Habitat is free for the Kindle currently. It’s only for Kindle, but if you have a Kindle, a puzzle book can be a great way to develop problem solving skills while having a good time.  For now it’s free so it’s definitely worth the money.


Hamster Habitat is an engaging path-building puzzle game.

Can you bring all your hamsters together?

In Hamster Habitat, your goal is to connect all of the pieces in the hamster cage using a limited supply of hamster tubes. You’ll need to work around obstacles and plan carefully to solve puzzles of three different difficulty levels. For bonus points, find the path that not only unites the hamsters but rewards them with up to three treats!

Hamster Habitat gives you more than 50 puzzles to solve in any order, and includes a full tutorial, an infinite undo feature to make it easy to change your mind, and a Show Solution feature for those puzzles you just can’t figure out. Hamster Habitat is fun for puzzle lovers of all ages.






Download Hamster Habitat


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