Download the free Hop 2 It Application on iTunes (or Hop 2 It HD for iPads) for your kids to practice counting from 1 to 50. It’s available for free this week only! Your child helps a cute bunny jump over easter eggs and pop balloons as they count from1 to 50 in a magical forest. It’s a great educational game for counting, number recognition and eye/hand coordination. Be sure to download it now for $0.00 before it returns to the normal price of $0.99 after May 7.

I just now gave this one a try.  Konnor hasn’t tried it yet,  but it did hold my attention for a little bit.  The Hop bunny has to hop over Easter Eggs.  Points are given for successfully hopping the eggs ( tapping the screen makes the Bunny Hop)  If you miss the Egg breaks and you don’t get points for the Egg.  There is also a light version, but for now you can get the full version FREE.  Give it a try and see what you think.