The current issue of Kentucky Living has an article on Creativity + Learning = Fun (Ideas to help you think inside, outside, and upside down in the box!)  The first part is about mathcounts (another great thing my kids participate in) and on page 40 there is a section on a FIRST LEGO League team.  The LEGO Barbarians from Greenup County.  You can find the article here (with out pics and no formatting).  I love the quote:

That’s the power of a creative educational approach: it’s learning masked as fun.

I love that about FLL.  It’s ‘sports for the mind’  There is more info on page 42 and 43 including pics of the table with the team the Accellerators.

Besides great info about FLL check the article out for info about Mathcounts, RCX (A robo Challenge Xtreme – search for Robo on the site), Destination Imagination and more.  There is also information about IdeaFestival which is coming up September 21 – 24 at Louisville.  Leonard Miodinow a physicist and former author of Star Trek will be a speaker this year!  Yeah!!!

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