iTunes comes out with new apps fairly frequently.  I try at least once a week to browse the apps that have been released and look for some new ones. 

Some that look good this week include:

Stack the Countries ($1.99)  This one looks like a lot of fun.  There is also a Stack the Countries Lite that I am going to try first.  These were released June 23, 2011 – so just two days ago. has some apps available.  They also had a small charge.  I like their website, so I went ahead and got one to give it a try.  These apps are for young kids learning to read.

For kids a little older there is a Splash Math 3rd Grade app.  It’s 4.99 but says it is a Full Comprehensive Workbook and it’s gotten good reviews.  I think 3rd Grade is one of the ages that can set the tone of math for the future, so any app that makes working on math drills fun is a good app in my book.

For even older kids I found  Sum of the Exterior Angle.  This will help with algebra and geometry practice.  This is a free app, and lists itself as adaptive curriculum.  It’s definitely worth a try.  As most kids this age may have their own iDevice it’s worth putting on their own devices.

Physics 2 HD is another app that is designed for High School students.  This one is also free and includes all the reference tables and 10 units that are covered in High School.