With Christmas Sunday and New Years coming up, now’s a great time to disconnect for some family time.   The funny thing about this is that most of us are getting ‘online’ gifts for the holidays.  How many have on your list an iPad, a tablet, a mobile phone, a computer, or some other tech device.   Shopping I was amazed at how many options there are.  I was pretty happy to get my kids a few things that don’t take batteries (hopefully they aren’t reading this).  We got puzzles, games (board games), LEGOS, and even books.

We’ve been cutting back on television, trying to cut out cable (switching to online, hulu, and netflix) so we won’t be watching much tv either.  (We will be watching the Dr. Who Christmas special though – Saturday at 7 CST if you want to make sure and not miss it)  I think we did end up with a board game of trivia for a television show (but I’m counting that as disconnected time).

We now have the puzzle started on the dining room table (I haven’t the heart yet to tell my middle son that it has to move before we eat Christmas dinner… )  and we are ready to move our activities into Real Life (RL) for a week or so….. Happy Holidays!