My middle son was just showing me a cool site, actually he was showing his little brother and they were having such a good time I had to come check it out.  Apparently it’s also an iPad app, but they were playing it on the computer – Check it out at Isle of Tunes

It apparently lets you lay out roads and then add cars and scenery to play.  Scenery is the instrument and cars are the players.  You can have up to three roads laid out.  Additionally many have already been created.  While they were playing with the site I heard everything from Move it, Move it to the Scooby Doo theme song.

This site is definitely worth checking out!  What a fun way to create music.

My middle son said he found it on Pointless Sites .com – I’m going to have to check that one out soon and see if there are more great sites.  I have to wonder why Isle of Tune was marked as pointless – Music ties very closely to Math and this site looks like fun.

The site lets you play for free but the app is actually $2.99. So far the app has great reviews and I can recommend the web site based on watching my kids play with it!

Isle of Tune HD App

‘Occasionally, there comes an iPad app that can take away hours of your spare time. Isle of Tune HD is the latest game to do just that’

Wired – ‘Every so often an app comes along that makes you quietly sit back and make this face: “:O”. Isle of Tune is just such an app.’

Kotaku Gaming App of the Day – ‘Time to let your inner composer (slash-city-planner) take center stage—Isle of Tune HD gets my unequivocal endorsement.’

#1 music game in over 40 countries!

The addictive multi-award winning music making game arrives on the iPad with NEW features, NEW sounds and enhanced controls!

Create your own unique musical journeys from street layouts. Roadside elements are your instruments and cars are the players.

Can you construct a tune that will get to the top of the island charts? Share your islands for others to view and earn ratings and Game Center achievements!

★ Add up to 8 cars with their own individual speed settings
★ New sound effects and instruments with access to full keyboard mode for advanced tunes
★ New controls: set road delays, rotate and reset your cars
★ Save, load and share your tunes with other users and directly with Game Center friends to earn ratings and achievements
★ Access to all 125,000+ islands already created using the online version

Get creative and join in the world’s only music-making town-planning construction game!

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