My middle son is currently posting to his own blog.  He has been creating it completely on his own and doing a great job!  He has a story he has written that he is currently sharing (under story on the right).  Each week on Friday he posts another chapter.  I think he actually has more chapters written and is trying to stay ahead.

He set his own schedule and is enforcing his own deadlines.  Besides that he is improving his grammar, writing skills, and even learning a little about marketing.  He has mentioned that next he wants to get it set up to publish on Kindle.  He actually does have it set up… It’s $1.99 to subscribe on Kindle.  Kristopher’s Kingdom  (Where it will send you the updates as it becomes available) Note to self: Remind grandma that she can now subscribe.  I am so proud of him! (really all my boys)   I just had to share.

Anyway this is a great learning experience for kids. He is set up on WordPress, but blogger would work too.  Do your kids have blogs?  I’d love to see what everyone else is doing.  I almost view this as a new take on the old pen pal assignment, but in the 2.0 type of world.