I decided I currently have so many apps I’m going to go through them from A-Z. Of course I’m starting with numbers though.

I currently have 4 apps on my iPad that start with the number 1. I’ve previously reviews 1-10 Balloons and still love it.

The others are:

123 Color
I couldn’t find the 123 Color that I have on my iPad – but while searching I found a new 123 Color Talking App. I suspect it’s what my app has become. It’s now .99 and has a premium version available also. It doesn’t have ratings available and is basically a coloring app ( with the added feature of voice).  I like the added voice possibility.  For $.99 it could be worth it, but there are a lot of coloring apps out there.

While looking I found Kidcalc 7 in 1 Math Fun that looks good. It’s by the same developer and has good reviews.  I’ll probably get a copy to check it out.  Here’s the review on the site:

I like the colors of this app and the new updates where I can switch easily between the age settings. Both my 2 year old and 7 year old love this game. Keep the updates coming. Would be great if the kids themselves could switch their settings depending on which kid opens the app.

There is a 123 Glow free Christmas edition if you want to try it out, but interestingly enough the pics are of Halloween activities. – Same with the Free Musical Stickers.  The icon is a Santa and the screen shots are Halloween.  (Both of these apps are free)

123 Counting

123 Counting is 123 Animal Counting Lite – A free App  which usually means you have watch that there aren’t too many ads.  In this case the reviews state that there were inappropriate ads (not suitable for kids).   They are supposed to be fixing it, but to be safe I’m removing it from my iPad and probably won’t try it again though it looks cute there are too many apps out there to risk one that has issues in the past.

123 Sesame

123 Sesame Street stars Elmo.   It’s $1.99 and isn’t my favorite.  Sesame Street has a lot of great apps out there.  One of my favorites is The Monster at the End of the Book, and my little one loves Elmo’s Monster Maker too.

The reviews included:

The book plot isn’t great, but the part that I am disappointed about is when I narrated the book for my daughter, some of the pages were left out so that when she listens to it, some pages just show a picture and have no narration. I hope this problem gets fixed.

Surprisingly I have no apps that start with 2 -0….. (Well no kids apps. There is an app named 2Do that I am trying out as a to do list. But is a to do list).  I’ll look at the As tomorrow after I clear some of these off my iPad.