Recently I have been hearing great things about  This is a subscription based web site that several parents I know are using for homeschooling preschool.

The site is $7.95/month. Currently my little one is a little young for this site, but I did order the preview materials and they look good.  I am seriously considering signing up for this site when my little one gets to three years old.  For now we are sticking with the IDevice Apps….

Today my favorite is 1-10 Balloons for the iPad… My little one has been showing progress in counting from 1 -10 with this app.  It starts with a Learning mode that guides kids to pop balloons labeled 1 -10.  In the next learning step the balloon locations are shuffled. The child then is guided to pop the balloons – but the balloons are not sequential.  In the last step, the child must find the correct balloon order to pop.  My little one has played this several times.

This app is for kids 2-5 years old and cost 99 cents.  I am pretty happy with the app and don’t regret the money spent.