One item on my wish list is WeDo Robotics


Designed for the elementary learner, WeDo Robotics is a cross-curricular set and series English: A 2x4 red plastic brick like a Lego b...of theme-based activities. With WeDo, your class can build animals, soccer players and more, then add movement with fun, drag and drop software. Complete lesson plans for science, math, literacy and social studies make it easy to get started writing stories, solving problems, and creating innovative projects.


Without the tech speak.  It’s a fun cool set for any kids that have learned not to eat the pieces. It doesn’t take a scientist to figure it out and kids create lots of cool things with very little (to no) input from parents.


The LEGO WeDo and software is available from Lego Education and is around  $130. If you would like to see your kids building as opposed to watching tv all day though, it’s a great investment.  Kids will be able to use it for years.  These are the type of toys I keep even after the kids have outgrown them for any kids that come to the house.


The programming interface was developed by National Instruments and uses  same drag and drop concepts with just a few (and simple) blocks.   I really would like to give it a try myself, so it’s on my wishlist for next cool electronics toy purchase.   My little one isn’t quite old enough and my middle son has passed this and moved on to the NXT (bigger) robots.  WeDo though is definitely on our list of cool tech toys to get in the future.

I couldn’t find it on Amazon, but I have ordered from LEGO Education many times and had no problem. WeDo is available at


For more info check out GeekDad’s review.


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