While in Virginia we thought we would see a few things. First I searched the internet for things to do with kids in the Charlottesville, VA area. We were going for a physics conference and only going to be there for a couple days at most. 
  It just happened to be the Thursday after the election – so travelling in a new area was making me a little nervous, but I was following my usual plan of be polite to everyone and see what happens.  We met some great people on our trip. I can recommend the Omni Hotel and the Pointe restaurant that’s in the hotel for sure.  The server we had were great even with our unique requests for things like nothing extra on the plate and they had chicken strips that matched what my son wanted.

We decided to explore the historic mall the first morning and found the Discovery Museum.  My little one didn’t want to check it out – though he was willing to take a picture in front of it, but we did meet one of the board members later.  It definitely looks like something to add to your list!  There was even a carousel across from the museum. Several families were taking advantage of it while they waited for the museum to open.

While exploring we found a graffiti wall that has things written that are erased each week.  This week with the election the wall was full of comments on both sides.  We could see the fear coming out from the comments on the wall.  I was a little worried that my little one would be affected seeing the wall, and he has asked questions over time about the election – but didn’t seem to say much about the graffiti.  There was also a pedestal where people that want to practice orating can stand and give speeches.  I’d love to see more during normal times – and what the wall has during times that aren’t quite so controversial.

We then headed to Monticello and to Ashland.  Monticello was packed (Thomas Jefferson’s home – 3rd President) and Ashland was pretty empty (4th President).  We didn’t make it to Montpelier.  I did learn a lot on the trip though…. For example Monticello is an Italian word – I thought it was French!  My favorite though is that if you ask for directions to Monticello from OnStar you will end up at a cemetery (Monticello Memorial Park).

On the trip we mostly learned about history, but we also shared some Mommy and Little One time!

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