It’s time for the Olympics.  I don’t spend a lot of time watching them, but my husband does (and our youngest).


The Olympic Rings, the symbol of the modern Ol...

The Olympic Rings, the symbol of the modern Olympic Games, inspired by Pierre de Coubertin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


If you check around online you can find some great digital activities to go with.  It’s amazing how much science is actually involved with sports.  I Can Teach My Child has a free ebook that includes Olympic Activities for kids.

This FREE eBook includes:

  • A List of Books about the Olympics
  • A Gold Medal Map Guide
  • 6 Unique Olympic Crafts
  • 6 Fun Olympic Games & Activities
  • 3 Delicious Olympic-Inspired Snacks

I also found a great page with information about What are Olympic Medals made of?  It turns out there are a lot of rules involved in the percentages, thickness and so on.


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