My youngest has his iPad (soon to be 7) and loves to play on it.  Recently he discovered texting, he can send a text from his iPad to any other iDevice.  I will admit once in a while it does take away from the ‘get up and walk into the next room!’  but I’ve noticed when he has a game question he doesn’t just to run to the nearest person anymore.  He opens up a text window and texts his brother.

Not only that, but his brother texts him links to videos he might like to see. My little one then reopens them later to get back to the videos.  My older two have now moved up and out oIMG_0942.PNGf the house, so this is a great way for them to all stay in touch.

He’s also learning though:

Interaction with family (it really is a communication device)

I really need to make sure his brothers censor the videos first.  Being adult kids, I have heard some language in the videos that made me cringe a little.  (Our computer for the little one is a desktop in the middle of the living room) All this being said, it is good to keep an eye on who your child interacts with.  I do totally trust my older children to text my little one. The rest of his list is pretty short though, grandma, mom and dad, and his brothers are the extent of it.