You still have a chance to win a classroom of Tablets for your school! ACER education extended the deadline until May 14, 2012 for submissions on your request! This is your opportunity to take action, make a difference and create a 21st Century Classroom for your students!

Technology can help bring excitement and creativity to the traditional classroom assignment and curriculum instruction. This contest aims to marry traditional curriculum strategies with 21st Century skills in an attempt to make classroom assignments more interactive, fun and engaging for young learners along with providing an opportunity to educators to re-think classroom instruction for teaching collaborative and critical thinking skills.

Creatively incorporate the 4 letters in the name “Acer” i.e. “A“, “C“, E“, “R” , along with web 2.0 tools (including audio, images and /or video) to create a classroom assignment or lesson plan that would help your students in acquiring 21st century skills. The winning entry will receive a classroom set of Acer Iconia W500 Tablets.

Example of possible classroom lesson plans and assignments “Having fun with A.C.E.R”:
Concept: Learn more about African Animals
Execution: web, video and /or infographic assignment for students to learn about Alligators, Camels, Elephants and Rhinoceros’
Examples of possible assignment formats:

Learn More about ‘Having Fun With A.C.E.R’

Submission Now Closes: May 14, 2012


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