Toys “R” Us recently launched a new tablet called the Tabeo, which is geared more towards kids than adults. It comes pre-loaded with 50 apps, but also offers access to the Tabeo App Store with more than 7,000 to download for free. While it’s designed for kids, parent’s can use it too!  If you are looking for a shared tablet, this one has 4 GB of storage and HDMI output, and can unlock the parental controls for your own use. ($149, exclusively at Toys R Us)
The HDMI out means you can hook it to the TV if you have a TV with HDMI input.  This is another tablet that we don’t have, so I can’t honestly tell you the bugs or pros for it – but these tablets are much more affordable than the iOS iPad.  If you are looking for a Christmas present to get back your tablet or for a shared family tablet, these are more affordable for the family than the iPad (though I love our iPad)  This is definitely worth dropping by the store to compare and see if it meets your needs if you are in the market for a table this year.
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