Last November we visited the Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville.

Rocket Center
Before going we checked out their site. They have lots of fun things you can do – including camps.  My oldest went to space camp around 2005 and the camps are still going strong.

Their website includes resources for education, what activities are going on today, and even directions and pricing.  Did I mention the IMAX has movies that include Robots right now (some of the camps include robots also.)

While checking out the site I noticed they have a new EarthKAM Image Gallery.  Looking at the images, it is interesting to try to identify what the image is looking at.  – There is also a folder called Annotated Images that includes the images marked with well known locations.

Search the Sally Ride EarthKAM Image Gallery or Image Collections to see annotated and composite photos, as well as our all-time favorite Sally Ride EarthKAM images.

Images can be downloaded and also printed on Shutterfly.

We have visited the Space and Rocket Center before, but I’m always amazed by how large the rockets are.