Southern Kentucky is getting a science festival! The plan is for it to be a yearly event! This is an event for the community and the local university to come together and celebrate science.

It’s kicking off with a talk highlighting the centennial of Einstein’s theory of General Relativity (April 30 at WKU):

Dr. Jeffrey Bennett’s Relativity Tour kicks off the 2015 SKy Sci Fest with a free of charge public presentation: “Black Holes Don’t Suck! – An Intuitive Introduction to Einstein’s Relativity Theories and Why They Matter”

May 2nd at Circus Square in Bowling Green from 9 to 5 will be a day of science fun! Featuring food, music, art, entertainment and chances to explore & discover the world through science. Attend stage performances and booths hosted by community organizations, individuals, businesses, and vendors.

See more information or sign up to participate at:

General Relativity talk

The multi-day festival will include everything from the science of beer to rocket science! Though it has been in the planning stages for months it is just now becoming reality and so they are collecting vendors, volunteers, demos and more!