You can find just about anything on Pinterest! For children with Sensory issues


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Pinterest can be a treasure trove of information for parents.  I’ve seen rice bins; used colored rice and children can play indoors – similar to sand but using rice and much easier to clean up.  Parents can make weighted blankets with instructions found online.   I even just noticed sensory salt.

For the parent just dealing with sensory issues there are also links to information about sensory issues.  Pinterest is similar to Google but with pictures.  You can get lost of hours wandering around.  For businesses it’s a great marketing tool, and for moms it’s an endless supply of ideas (for dads I think it’s still a mystery, but they will get there)

Even now, I find myself wandering in and have to drag myself back out.  I found watermelon sensory baths (that might be fun for ME), Myths about sensory issues, a mud and worm sensory sink, a sensory garden, reusing lotion, a soccer sensory bin, it goes on and on and on…. LOL, I even just found sensory painting with Goblin guts, there is something for every kids interest!  Just on this one search a parent could find weeks worth of activities.  Though I have to say you can’t be afraid to get your hands dirty on several of them.

Type almost anything into Pinterest and you will find amazing things!  – but like I said black hole suck of time….

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