I just saw a review for this app and loved it!  It’s currently free.  One of my favorite type of apps are paid apps that are temporarily free.  The have no or limited advertising and lots of features!  Get Bogga Alphabet here.  This app has great reviews too.  My kids love playing with the letters on our fridge.  They like to leave messages on the fridge for me when they sneak in to get snacks, so this is an app that I think we will all enjoy playing with, besides helping my youngest with spelling and letter recognition! It even lets you take and save a picture after you create, and you can change the letter colors. I would definitely say this one is worth getting while it’s free.

Let your kids explore the alphabet through coloring letters that magically transform into fridge magnets! With this fun and educational game children can listen to how english letters are pronounced and practice spelling by lining up simple words on the refrigerator. They can even use a camera to take a picture of their artwork.

We are all going to learn the alphabet, and there is no reason to wait. Children have a desire to learn, so begin now – let your kids discover the english alphabet through creative play. A new world will open up! By becoming familiar with letters and words, one have the best potential for further learning in life.

√ The alphabet – for painting, tracing and listening to!
√ 6 different colors to paint with
√ A fridge onto where you can hang the magnetic letters
√ A camera for taking snapshots of the words you can make
√ A waste bin for tossing away letters you no longer need
√ Kid-friendly interface
√ No stress, just play and the joy of discovering
√ Original colorful design
√ No third-party advertising
√ No in-app purchases

Bogga Alphabet is suitable for children aged 2+

Online Reviews:

by Ac0704

Without a doubt, this is my son’s favorite app. It’s super convenient and really easy for him to use 🙂 You won’t regret it!


by savagemon

This is an awesome way to teach your child the alphabet. My son is an alphabet rock star and he just loves this app.

Top notch

by footballrulz

I’ve tried a lot of alphabet apps on IOS but this is the one my daughter enjoys most. Its bright, colorful, and most of all effective.


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