Growing up my family did a lot of puzzles. There was always a puzzle on a card table sitting out in a room that we could drop past and spend a few minutes or several minutes to give it some time putting it together. Recently a friend posted a puzzle board that had drawers on each side and a couple edges, so I was excited to get one ordered. I can keep it on the coffee table and move it off when I want to use the table. I somehow thought the whole family would get excited to join in. So far I’ve completed one puzzle and I’m still by myself…. and my skill have gotten rusty. I feel like I need to practice a lot more.


Working with a puzzle I think helped me develop better skills for processing images in my mind. By high school I enjoyed taking notes writing backwards. I never completely understood that others couldn’t write backwards – Even now I don’t completely understand how it could possibly be difficult to see backward writing and have a hard time reading it. Looking at the letters A P backwards and forwards is just as easy to recognize.

Over time I’ve gotten a little out of practice, but I still enjoy writing backwards when I have a chance.