A few years ago we went on a trip to Texas and visited a few places!  We were lucky enough to find a drive through safari!  This one allowed us to feed the animals from the open window of the car.  The animals were active early in the morning – we tried going through a few times and found that by afternoon none of the animals were out and about anymore.  The animals were active though our first trip through.  We had gotten food for them and stopped at each animal to try to feed them. The emus, zebras, llamas and more came to the car to get food and check out our offerings!

At one point a zebra stuck it’s head into the car and grabbed food from my lap.  A few cars were so surprised at how bold the animals were that they threw the food out the window onto the ground.  We saw one person jump out trying to get the food container back from an emu…. but it’s really not a great idea to leave the car and really against the rules.

We had a great time though!  I now look for the drive through safaris when we are going on a trip and I’m exploring things to visit.   My favorites are the ones that allow us to feed the animals and we like to go early in the morning.

We have found them in Illinois near Arcola, this one in Texas just north of the Alamo, Land between the Lakes and Tennessee so far.

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