Our school came out with a draft plan and it doesn’t include distance learning. The school mentioned possibly including distance learning for students that are home bound for medical reasons, but that lets out a lot of families. Most families are torn on going back to school. I know our family really wants the social and believe me I’d love to have the ‘free’ time each day, BUT I also worry about the virus and the lack of social distancing with our school planning to have all the students go back full time.

We do like our current school, though I have to admit as an older parent we do seem to have a completely different mindset from a lot of the other parents. That being said, I just can’t risk my child going to school, when it seems even getting takeout is a huge risk right now.

So the planning begins! For us, I’ve started joining homeschool groups on Facebook, though I’ve always kept up on the information in the past. I’m also still following the news from our local school district just in case something changes. If they were to offer virtual as an option we would quickly pivot. I also have though about any letter ‘withdrawing’ stating that we would like to include part time services of any remote activities that the school offers. Our state does include include in their plans that homeschool parents can request to be included in the local school part time. They included that for sports and driver ed, but I’d love to use it to my advantage.

I’ve also went on Amazon and ordered the books for each of the classes that I though we needed for our grade level, checking each review along the way. I included: ela, vocabulary, writing, social studies, science and math. I also ordered a few workbooks to go with as well as some hands on activity books that included geography. I’d love to get started planning out the first couple weeks. I’ve also gone on IXL to pull up the standards for each topic, for us 6th grade level and I’m creating a planning board in Trello to make sure I don’t miss anything.

Once I have my first week planned out I’ll share it.