For Christmas a MIP descended upon our house. For the price I was really hoping it would have some educational properties and maybe it does. So far I haven’t been able to justify the cost. The MIP is a robot that you can control with hand gestures or your phone.

We got the white one, but I’m linking the black here. The MIP has modes that can be chosen – everything from Roam to Dance (even a battle mode if you have two). So far my son has taken my phone and made ours wander around following his finger, he has figured out the hand gestures for the few times I took my phone back, and I have made it dance. A friend visiting figured out the battle mode and making it pretend to shoot at people with fake sounds (yes that caused lots of children to scream in our house).

It comes with a tray to carry small objects (stack mode). It does have a really cool ability to balance on it’s two wheels making it almost bipedal (biwheelal?)

BUT, for the price interest in our house was very short lived and I still need to find the educational value….