Do you have lots of extra t-shirts laying around the house?  I know we do.  We get them at every event we go to as

My Seven T-shirts

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well as at every tourist spot we stop at.  I have them for museums, caves, bike rides, besides the ones I collect for Cancer awareness…  I love to quilt, so I usually take mine and turn them to a t-shirt quilt. It’s fun to look through and say – oh yeah I remember that place or do you remember when….

We frequently though get t-shirts that don’t hold any special meaning and become outgrown or unusable in some other way (like a ketchup stain all down the front).  Instead of throwing them out, Good Housekeeping has posted on their site some instructions for turning a t-shirt into a reusable shopping bag.


How to Make an Eco-Chic Shopping Bag

What’s better than an ordinary reusable bag? One you’ve made yourself from an on-its-last-legs T-shirt. All you’ll need is an old tee, scissors, a needle and thread, and about an hour to get crafty.

I like using the reusable bags since it seems the plastic bags rip every time I try to use them with milk.  (I ask them not to bag the milk but somehow it always happens)  Making your own bags can be a great supplement to learning about reduce, recycle and reuse.


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