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Environmental bird feeder

Environmental bird feeder (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

are useful. You can even add to this a project to inventory the birds that come and feed – with pictures. I almost wonder if with the current droughts going on it might be good to add a second ‘feeder’ with water for the birds.  The kids can decorate in anyway they like.  Our neighborhood doesn’t have many trees, so in new neighborhoods the toughest part may be finding somewhere to hang your new feeder.  This is a great recycling project with some of your spare milk jugs.

Materials Needed:
Empty 1 gallon plastic jug
Twine or heavy string
Miscellaneous Supplies (stickers, additional markers, glitter, etc)
Bird Food

Directions to make the bird feeder:

1. Thoroughly clean a used gallon container.
2. Cut an opening
3. Thread twine around the cap area, and double knot the twine underneath the cap (you can also just tie the string to the handle).

Once your bird feeder is finished have your kids decorate it! Once it’s finished, let your kids help fill the bird feeder with food!

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