We decided to try magic crystals next.  Magic Crystals have been around for a long time.  I remember trying them as a child too and thought it might be fun to show my little one (and let him see a form of crystals grow faster)

The kit we got came with the tank, some rocks, and a packet of solution.  My husband decided to help this time – which was probably good after the last experience with the slurry I added to the mix.

IMG_1892The powder was added to the hot water and mixed really well (he used more water than would fit in the tank.)  After mixing the liquid mixture, my youngest put the rocks in the container on a layer on the bottom -making sure they don’t touch.  The liquid shouldn’t touch your skin – wash it off with soap and water if it does.

The instructions had lots of warnings about not letting it get on wood – of course we have a wood table, wood floors, and even wood chairs, so I issued lots of warnings.  Our table is so scarred already though I wasn’t too worried. IMG_1893

We proceeded to watch and within 10 minutes you could see the rocks were sprouting colors and had grown a little. – Enough that it was obvious they were growing.   Over the next few hours we checked off and on and saw the rocks grow until they reached the top of the water.  After they had finished growing, within 24 hours – we poured the liquid out (carefully).  We are now keeping the tank with the columns that have grown.  I’m sure it will disappear one day, but for now we look at it every so often and compare it to our slow growing crystals.

The magic rocks are a lot more fragile, but they grow so much faster they allow for almost instant gratification.  They also are almost a chalky consistency compared to the opaque almost glass (or salt) like appearance of the slow growing crystals.

OIMG_1899ur plan is to check out the crystals in Geodes next (and then maybe make some candy that looks like crystals)!   The magic rocks were fun though and seeing our results the same day is always fun!