One of the items we decided our youngest would love to try was the Lumi drone!  It’s by Wowee, a great kid friendly, easy to use company.

We gave it a try and right after charging it was simple to fly.  We actually have only flown it in the house even.  The only thing it’s lacking that I would love is a camera.  The drone though comes with a beacon that can be set for the drone to follow.  It also is set up so that after hitting the button to cause the drone to lift off, it will hover in spot.  The drone then can be flown with little movements similar to a joystick.  -Additional buttons allow the drone to be flipped and move up and down.  Personally I hadn’t given a try to our other drones, but was able to fly this one with no problem!

Besides all these options, the drone includes some games to play.  My favorite reminded me of a simon says, but just involved the drone blinking colors and the user having to choose those colors quickly on your mobile device to match and follow along.

Lumi was easy to hook up to and does include an option to record from your mobile device, but no camera – being my one thing that detracts from all the great points.  Our next drone will need to have a camera and allow flight through a VR headset similar to the drones on the Drone Racing League, but this one is a GREAT Start!